The day has finally come!


It took months and months of procrastination, self-doubt and need for perfection (still no logo) but today is the day that my first post goes LIVE! And it’s time to let it all go..

Before sitting down and pressing the PUBLISH button, I: caught up on the news, scrolled through Instagram, cleaned and rearranged my desk a few times, smudged the whole place with sage, watered the plants, read two chapters of a book I found on the “read next” pile and made myself another huge mug of tea.. Suddenly, these things became urgent and necessary, cause you know.. procrastination. Excuses, excuses..

Now I’m here, in the space I’ve been dreaming of for a while, for myself mostly, to blog, to create, to share and to just be. The real, uncut version of me. 

With the sad news of Anthony Bourdain passing (which I didn’t think would get to me as much as it did), well, I came to the realization that life is truly precious and following your heart, dreaming big, is the way to go. No time to waste. 

No better time than now to concentrate on what brings me joy, what makes me happy. There are many things that do but the ones I’d love to focus on here are: baking, wanderlust and the one that glues it all together - photography. 

I’m not a writer, nor am I trying to become one, therefore this space will most likely be filled with short paragraphs, recipes and pictures. Lots of pictures. To shoot, shoot, shoot, whenever possible, is another goal of mine. Food, life, places. Fingers crossed. 

It is my objective to create the content for this blog as often as possible, consistently. In the beginning probably on a weekly basis. Hopefully, the more I learn, the more I practice, the less afraid I’ll be and less of a procrastinator, ha! Wish me luck and here we go!


Do you know what it means..

Do you know what it means..