I’m Ania. I was born in Poland but moved to Canada with my family in the 90s. Side note: 90s are also my favourite music era - especially R&B and Hip Hop - the soundtrack to my life. 

I’m a self-taught and professionally trained baker with a huge passion for photography. It all started with the movie “Chocolat” (true story).. I remember leaving the movie theatre and daydreaming about opening my own chocolate shop in a small village with cobblestone streets. I then made a choice to broaden my culinary education and signed up for baking school. I loved every minute of it and so did my family, friends and neighbours, as I was sharing all the goods on a daily basis. 

Fast forward a few years of different baking jobs and I’m here, ready to start my first ever food blog journey. Owning a cafe, somewhere by the water, is still in my future and will happen when the time is right. I’m sure of it! For now though, I will write about all the things I love: 

  • from scratch baking - with lots of butter (there is nothing better), pastries, pies, tarts and occasional savouries 
  • recipe researching and testing - I have a “slight” addiction to cookbooks so..
  • travel - from local strolls and day trips to long road trips and international destinations - gypsy soul I am!
  • everything New Orleans - yep, I visit as much as I can, and call it my soul place for a reason

Alright, here it goes..




Photos - All photography on this site is taken by me, either with my Nikon D3200 or my iPhone.

Collaborations - I’m always looking to work with people on various projects whether it's sponsored posts, photography, guest posts, or other related collaborations. Please feel free to reach out.